Our Philosophy

  • The CMA team is dedicated to conducting business the right way. We love what we do, and therefore, will always be straightforward and upfront with our associates, our partners, and all intermediaries. We understand that the business professionals we work with have the same goals and aspirations as us. We therefore, strive to execute on our expected deliverables with honesty, integrity, and a commitment to transparancy for all involved parties.

What We Do

  • A World of Solutions for Your Future Growth

    Whether you are in need of project financing, an equity investor, or development partner, CMA helps drive your project to the next level through our vast relationship network. Our team can assist with the introduction and presentation of your project to the top echelon of project investors and financiers. We never charge an upfront consultation or due-diligence fee, because we believe that when a project has merit, its ultimate success will be mutually beneficial.

Our Vision

  • Our vision has always been to work with legitimate parties to develop projects, deliver financing, promote innovation, and provide banking, investment, and financial solutions to our valued partners.

    E -
    Energy - We are working to identify, evaluate, and promote viable renewable and traditional retrofit energy projects. CMA is working with innovative companies in the design and development of world-class technology that will change how energy is produced.
    F -
    Finance - Working with a diverse group of banks, financiers, hedge funds, and private equity investors, we are expanding our reach and ability to secure hard to find project financing and investment.
    T -
    Technology - Emerging technolgies in holistic medicine, energy, communications, and waste management are out to change our world. CMA is working alongside inventors and developers of these exciting innovations to finance and develop top-tier projects.
    R -
    Real Estate - CMA is working with international firms to develop exclusive real estate projects in hospitality, farming, resorts, and alternative medical care industries.


  • Kinetic Power Plant

    The Kinetic Power Plant is a self-contained, self-generating, renewable energy source that produces power at a fraction of traditional methods and without outside supply.

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  • Resort Development

    CMA has some exciting partners that are developing world-class facilities. We will work with them in identifying and securing the right financing/investment solution for their development project.

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  • Centinela Solar

    Along with our partners in Mexico, CMA is developing a world-class solar and mixed-technology powerplant along the U.S. Mexico border.

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  • Alternative Medicine

    Medical technology is changing at a rapid pace. CMA strives to be on the cutting edge of this revolution through the promotion and development of holistic and alternative medical treatments and procedures.

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Industry Spotlight

  • Energy

    CMA is holder, operator and distributor of renewable energy projects.
  • Finance

    Offer world-class investment and financing solutions for project developers.
  • Banking

    Providing elite banking relationships for international businesses.
  • Medicine

    Introducing cutting-edged medical technology and holistic healing treatments.