CMA Services

Soverign Banking Relationships

CMA has a partnership with a soverign Native American Indian bank. Through our relationship, we are able to offer clients access to banking and financial services not readily available in the commercial marketplace.

Project Development and Financing

We work with our clients and partners to develop and present their project plan for financing. If it is early in the process, we work alongside clients to help prepare and present an acceptable finance package.

Introducing Party

We specialize in matching up inventors and project principals with financing partners and investors who can help bring the project to fruition.

Commodities Broker

Whether it is fuel, precious metals, or energy, we have the relationships that help close the deal. Through our international partners, we can find a buy/sell party to most any transaction.

Energy Development

CMA is working alongside our partners to develop, finance, hold, and operate renewable energy technology.

Financial Analysis

We work with our clients and partners to provide project marketability assessments, finanacial risk analysis, and financial review.

Alternative Medicine

CMA is working to develop and finance cutting-edge holistic and alternative medical treatment solutions with our international partners.

Commercial Finance

Finding the right commercial financing can be frustrating. We can help bridge the gap by bringing in private business finance partners.

Relationship Building

Whether your business is large or small, we can help you forge the reltionships you need, both domestice and internationally, to help grow your business and be more successful.

Industry Resources

We help businesses find the equipment, partners, and resources they require to build and develop their company and ultimately achieve their vision.