Capital Marketing Associates is a team of professionals who has spent their adult lives developing and nurturing the many financial and industry relationships that will drive our future growth. It is this rare opportunity that we present to our prospective partners in the hopes of completing mutually beneficial relationships for all involved parties.

CEOs Message

We at CMA began our journey with the hopes of not only creating a financially sustainable and successful organization, but also of making the world a better place. We have chosen to promote those projects that not only build businesses and drive economic growth, but also those which improve lives and protect our environment. We have reached a pinnacle where we can now make determinations with the type of people and projecs we wish to promote. If you have an innovative project aimed to not only create profits, but also to change our world for the betterment of mankind, then we want to hear from you. To our mutual success!

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to enable individuals and businesses to manage project development, presentation, and funding opportunities. We provide introduction and financing options tailored to meet the specific and ever-changing financial risk and challenges facing our partners. We build value for our partners and associates through the strength of our relationships and by consistently producing superior results with honesty and integrity.

Commitment to Talent

We are commited to working with the best project owners and most reputable investors and finacial partners. Our drive to present the most viable and innovative projects is only rivaled by our goal of bringing forward the most capable, and established financial firms in the marketplace.

Leading by Example

Just as our team is dedicated to honesty and integrity, we expect the same from those we choose to work with and represent. We believe it is important that all parties conduct themselves with respect and integrity, and uphold the standards expected of world-class project developers.

Commitment to Our Clients

We understand many of our partners have spent years developing and nurturing relationships. Likewise, we commit ourselves to respecting those relationships and acting with the best interest of all parties at heart.